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Wyldfyre Doing a jap song. Wyldfyre Doing a jap song.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very funny

It was pretty funny except it sounded like you were using a more of a chinese stereotypical voice than Japanese. Also, do you make animations or only songs and audio?

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wyldfyre1 responds:

i was kinda going for the stereotype since its so easy to stereotype. Anyway, I've done small animations none on here however i mostly do music and voice acting for flash our flash artist is Sunrie he does the animations for our flash movies and such. I just come up with story/fight plot/music stuff like that.

This Way DEMO This Way DEMO

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was awesome. Could I use this in a flash trailer? I'll give credit to you for the song by the way. And ur song is pretty addictive. Awesome!

(WF1) Hidden City (WF1) Hidden City

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice melody

Great flow I say. Very great flow. The flow is so great, I will drown in it. Make sense? Guess not, well, I liked the continuous beat, and how simple the music was. Kind of like, a new type of ambience. I didn't like the keyboard(if that's what was used) in it alot but it was still good and songs do need a variety of instruments. That's what I liked about this song: the variety of instruments and sounds you could hear in the background made this song what it is. It had a gentle flow, that would make the world seem so simple and everything else was kind of just like blocked out and you were in a world of your own. The drum foot beat thingy was great but it didn't quite fit in I think because the song was so soft and then there was that beat. But the drum foot beat thingy did give it a little of something. I liked your intro of the song and the ending was really good. It was kind of like you entered a fantastic world at the start, and everything felt dreamy in the middle and at the end, it was like you were exiting it, but really calmly and in a good way.
Great work!
P.S.: Could I use this in an animation of mine? If I could, that would be great.

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wyldfyre1 responds:

WOO HOOOOOO A LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG review! hahah i love these .. Ok ok .. lets see. yeah i kinda let the music take me where it wants to.. When writing this i was swept away to a old japanese village with children running around the sound of flowing water in the background and such,... Yes, towards the end yes i wanted it to seem like you were leaving from a visit.

Sure, if you want to use it in an animation thats fine =) Just remember to gimme credit for the song haha. All i really ask. I put most my songs on here for that reason. So people can use them if they'd like.