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Horrible comedy (if you can call it that). Random, useless script and this is dumb.
Animation obviously could be worked upon as well.


LOL, hahaha this was an awesome flash
This is exactly how I feel about those internet meme freaks! Good job


I knew there was a reason I hadn't watched this flash...but I quite liked this...it was funny. Very funny.

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Really fun game but gets real repetitive and easy once you've got a good weapon+survivor layout. Perhaps add difficulty levels next time :)

Great game. The evolution timing was fine in realistic mode for me.
HELPFUL TIP for all those complaining about Madagascar:
Notice how it only has a shipyard-this is the only way to infect Madgascar. Therefore make sure your virus can be carried through rodents and insects.
Also, keep your visiblity at 0! Eventually Madagascar will get infected and then the world is yours!

Stunningly beautiful...

If only all love stories ended this way, eh?
I love this game. Very well put together. The artwork and style combined with the music and meaning helps deliver the strong message.
Not much else to say really, it was just beautiful.

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Very funny

It was pretty funny except it sounded like you were using a more of a chinese stereotypical voice than Japanese. Also, do you make animations or only songs and audio?

wyldfyre1 responds:

i was kinda going for the stereotype since its so easy to stereotype. Anyway, I've done small animations none on here however i mostly do music and voice acting for flash our flash artist is Sunrie he does the animations for our flash movies and such. I just come up with story/fight plot/music stuff like that.


That was awesome. Could I use this in a flash trailer? I'll give credit to you for the song by the way. And ur song is pretty addictive. Awesome!

Nice melody

Great flow I say. Very great flow. The flow is so great, I will drown in it. Make sense? Guess not, well, I liked the continuous beat, and how simple the music was. Kind of like, a new type of ambience. I didn't like the keyboard(if that's what was used) in it alot but it was still good and songs do need a variety of instruments. That's what I liked about this song: the variety of instruments and sounds you could hear in the background made this song what it is. It had a gentle flow, that would make the world seem so simple and everything else was kind of just like blocked out and you were in a world of your own. The drum foot beat thingy was great but it didn't quite fit in I think because the song was so soft and then there was that beat. But the drum foot beat thingy did give it a little of something. I liked your intro of the song and the ending was really good. It was kind of like you entered a fantastic world at the start, and everything felt dreamy in the middle and at the end, it was like you were exiting it, but really calmly and in a good way.
Great work!
P.S.: Could I use this in an animation of mine? If I could, that would be great.

wyldfyre1 responds:

WOO HOOOOOO A LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG review! hahah i love these .. Ok ok .. lets see. yeah i kinda let the music take me where it wants to.. When writing this i was swept away to a old japanese village with children running around the sound of flowing water in the background and such,... Yes, towards the end yes i wanted it to seem like you were leaving from a visit.

Sure, if you want to use it in an animation thats fine =) Just remember to gimme credit for the song haha. All i really ask. I put most my songs on here for that reason. So people can use them if they'd like.

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as i said before, i really like it haha. the blood's awesome :)
i wish i cud draw..


omigosh! sumone reviewed!

thanks so much and hey its actually pretty easy!

i9 cud help if u want


He looks cool but you shudda made him bulkier.


Nice, simple idea which turns out to be brilliant.
I like.

Hello. I used to animate.

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